High Performance Carbide End Mills the Storm and Vmax difference

Posted by CGS tool on 14th Jul 2016

CGS's Storm and Vmax series end mills are made with Eccentric Relief. Eccentric relief is a positive arched cutting edge: a convex surface vs. a concave (hollow ground) surface. An eccentric relief increases the strength of an end mill’s cutting edges. CGS uses a 1000 grit wheel to grind the relief angles to ensure a high polish for improved chip flow across the surface. Moreover, with eccentric relief, the tool does not have to be honed, thus retaining coatings and creating an even stronger cutting edge.

In this age of advanced technology, with CNC machines being able to run at increased operating parameters. CGS's Hi-helix end mills are ideally suited for today's High speed CNC milling. This hi-helix angle reduces tool deflection by transferring stress vertically not horizontally, this allows the end mill to produce vertical chip ejection and reduce the side load on the tool. The hi-helix angle creates a greater shearing action, resulting in increased speeds and feeds, and greater stock removal. Horsepower consumption is decreased while radial side load on the cutting flutes is eliminated, thus generating better chip control and surface finish. Inherent to the manufacturing of the Storm Hi-helix end mills is an extra heavy core at the center of the end mill. The benefits of this large diameter core is that maximum tool rigidity is obtained, which decreases tool deflection and chatter.