Improve Your CNC Machining Carbide Cutting Tool Performance and Tool Life with THE BEAST!

beast-1000-flyer-cover-copy.jpgThe Beast is CGS Tool's solid carbide high performance roughing end mill series that includes advanced chip breaker technology for a true rougher/finisher and a smooth straight wall finish. 

This series is used for faster, easier, and more productive CNC machining when common ordinary end mills "JUST CAN’T CUT IT”. The Beast series is available in square and corner radii ends with various diameters, length of cut, overall length, flute lengths and high performance coatings.

The Beast series is ideal for maximizing speeds, feeds, surface finishes, and tool life while machining hard exotic metals including titanium alloys, Inconel, alloy steels, and stainless steels.

The Beast Series is designed with a free cutting geometry, which reduces the cutting force and the side load; the variable index design reduces harmonics increases feed rates, decreases tool deflection and improves tool life.

Our BEAST solid carbide end mills have consistently outperformed all others in testing and evaluations conducted by major aerospace automotive and medical equipment manufacturers around the world.

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12th Apr 2016 CGS

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