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Tool of the Week

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CGS Hot buy Tool of the week is the Hi- Velocity Carbide End Mill HV143-1250

4 flute solid carbide Corner Radius end mills is designed with a variable helix and an off set index. This design is specifically designed to reduce chatter and harmonics and to improve surface finishes, feed rates and tool life.  There is NO Equal to the industry's BEST variable helix end mill. This tool has.015" corner radius, a 1/8” shank, length of cut is 1/2”, and an overall length of 1 ½”. Steels, Stainless, Cast Iron, Titanium, Alloys, Inconel, Select Non-Ferrous Materials are some of the applications that this tool can be used on.  This tool also has an ALTiN coating, which also adds to the performance of the tool. 

A Product of CGS Tool

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A Product of CGS Tool

Tool o fthe Week

CGS Hot buy Tool of the week is the General Purpose Carbide End Mill 220-0938.2 flute solid carbide Square end mills are ideal for stock removal in a large range of materials. Designed with an industry standard 30° degree helix and precision cutting edges these end mills will perform above the competition. This tool has a [...]

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CGS: Where Performance Matters!

AFTER 40 YEARS……. PERFORMANCE STILL MATTERS!Formed in 1974, CGS Tool began as a modest “boutique” manufacturer of high quality, High Performance carbide end mills, in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Brunswick in 2009. In 2013, we moved into a newer & larger facility, located in Medina, to meet our growing needs of continuing to be “customer centered”. [...]

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8/1 Newsletter - 7 reasons why End Mills Fail Prematurely

7 reasons why End Mills Fail PrematurelyAll cutting tools eventually wear out. Although modern engineering, materials, and methods have all helped to extend useful life, cutting tools should not be abused, and operators should be aware of these common causes of tool failure. Here are the most frequent causes of premature end mills failure, [...]

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What is End Milling?

The process of abrading materials has existed for thousands of years. Whether by hand or machine, materials have been cut, ground or crushed to create a wide-variety of products. Since the 1800s, this process has been referred to as “milling”. Today, the milling process is entirely automated. Manufactured rotary cutters and drills are attached to a large milling machine and used [...]

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High Performance Carbide End Mills the Storm and Vmax difference

CGS's Storm and Vmax series end mills are made with Eccentric Relief. Eccentric relief is a positive arched cutting edge: a convex surface vs. a concave (hollow ground) surface. An eccentric relief increases the strength of an end mill’s cutting edges. CGS uses a 1000 grit wheel to grind the relief angles to ensure a [...]

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Conventional vs Climb Milling with a Carbide End Mill

Conventional Milling (AKA: "up-milling")  the end mill meets the work piece at the bottom of the cut.The cutter rotates against the direction of feed as the work-piece advances toward it, from the side where the teeth are moving in an upward motion. The thickness of the chip increases consistently to the top of the cut. If the work-piece has a highly abrasive surface, conventional [...]

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Improve Your CNC Machining Carbide Cutting Tool Performance and Tool Life with THE BEAST!

The Beast is CGS Tool's solid carbide high performance roughing end mill series that includes advanced chip breaker technology for a true rougher/finisher and a smooth straight wall finish. This series is used for faster, easier, and more productive CNC machining when common ordinary end mills "JUST CAN’T CUT IT”. The Beast series is available [...]

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Carbide End Mills Considerations When Using Helical interpolation

Consider helical interpolation over plunging to achieve better tool life, surface finishes and usually faster cycle times. Helical interpolation is producing a circular hole by having the carbide end mill describe a helical motion as it moves to down to the full depth. This greatly reduces cutting forces and chip flow of the end mill which [...]

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Zaytran Inc. Reduces Machining Time by Over 50% with CGS

Just as an “overnight success” is generally the result of years of effort, a “breakthrough” in part machining productivity usually is the sum of a number of carefully engineered individual improvements. Zaytran, Inc. used several improvements to reduce machining time from more than 45 minutes to less than 20 for a 6061 aluminum component that measured 6" x 5" [...]

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