Coating Series: Using TiCN

3rd Jul 2024

Coating Series: Using TiCN

TiCN (Titanium Carbo-nitride) is a ceramic coating applied to endmills to enhance their performance. It's a common choice for machining applications that involve abrasive materials and moderate cutting temperatures.

Here's a closer look at TiCN coating for endmills:


  • Improved wear resistance: The coating's hardness makes it very effective against abrasive materials like cast iron, high-silicon aluminum alloys, and copper. This translates to longer tool life and cleaner cuts.
  • Reduced friction: TiCN coating has a smooth surface that reduces friction between the endmill and the workpiece. This minimizes heat buildup and chip welding, leading to smoother cutting and potentially higher machining speeds (up to 50% faster than uncoated mills).
  • Enhanced toughness: Compared to some other coatings, TiCN offers good adhesion to the base carbide substrate, making it less prone to chipping or flaking during use.


  • Heat sensitivity: While offering some heat resistance, TiCN isn't ideal for high-temperature applications. Proper coolant application is crucial to prevent the cutting edge from overheating and losing its effectiveness.
  • Material limitations: TiCN can react with aluminum at high temperatures, causing accelerated wear. It's generally not the best choice for machining aluminum at high speeds or without proper cooling.

In summary, TiCN coating is a good choice for:

  • Milling abrasive materials like cast iron and some aluminum alloys
  • Applications with moderate cutting temperatures and proper coolant use
  • When good wear resistance and tool life are priorities

If you're unsure whether TiCN is the right coating for your project, consider factors like the material you're machining, the expected cutting temperatures, and your coolant strategy. CGS Tool can help you make the best choice for your specific needs.